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a car almost hit madeline and honked at her and the license plate was NOTACAB

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i got shortchanged at sugar shack and paypal fucked my bank account hard for $30 so i’m never spending money again

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hour drive home then therapy clinic in the morn. :/

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i’m supposed to post these on the store instagram tomorrow lol look at these things!!!!

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Aedel Fakhrie | DrawCrowd (via Aedel Fakhrie | DrawCrowd)

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so i found out today that a photoshoot i modeled for a few years ago that was frida kahlo inspired (we have thick brows and flower crowns) is going to be published in a magazine here and i’m really upset.
i’m a different person and i learned a lot from that experience and i don’t want people to think that it reflects on who i am as a person now. i realize that those photos could be offensive to some people since i do not share a similar ethnic background as frida along with the inherent flawed idea that frida would want anything invoking her image used as a tool for capitalism.
i think i’ve grown a lot as a model in the past few years and become a lot better at it and more accomplished and i hate the fact that old work is being published of me.
i just thought i’d address this now as opposed to everyone freaking out about it when rva mag comes out.
i regret a lot of things from my past but all i can do now is apologize for my past involvement in something i now view as racist, appropriative, and distasteful.

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